The Only Thing That’s Stopping Us

Life sets you up for things, some that you want, some that you need, and some that will never make any sense at all. It all really depends on what you do with it. You can take pain, and sit in it; letting it consume you. Where does that leave you? Yea, you already know this; In pain. It’s hard to push through, it’s hard to carry on, but the real secret to the universe is you can.

You are the only one stopping you. That’s it, it’s that simple, right? Not always. If you’re like me, you’ve lived so long holding yourself back that it becomes your life. Holding back from potential because it is too hard, because it’s not worth anything. If it makes you happy, that’s worth something. Who cares if it doesn’t make everyone happy, so many of them are still living in their pain, their fear. They are letting it control them! Their fear can’t control you if you don’t let it. So don’t let it.

Start by doing something you want to do, but are to nervous to try. Maybe something that someone you know said they didn’t like so you decided not to do it, it could be something that only “certain people” do. Why are you letting that stop you. Dye your hair something bright, even just a streak. Get that tattoo, start one paragraph of you’re novel, sign up for that weird dance group/fitness thing. Live, your life your way.

By starting with something small, it will make that first leap less intimidating, more doable. Eventually, you’ll be able to do so much more. Like actually write a blog you’ve been talking about for years! This is my baby step. Take yours right now.

Ok, that’s my sage wisdom for the day,  ❤ Love


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