Who is This Kid Anyways?

Who even am I? Some days I’m not even entirely sure I’m qualified to answer that question, which is why I’ve decided to go ahead and give it a shot. Give my readers a little introduction, and hopefully in doing so; gather more viewers!

My name is Theryn, I’m 23. I have a kitty named Jack, and I adore him. My hair is currently teal, and I love it. I’m going to be dying it again soon, and I’ll be sure to share! I wear glasses; I have contacts, but I just really prefer my glasses, I think it adds an element to my style. A style that differs between “Classy Goth” and “Bohemian Gypsy Goddess.” My mum has dubbed it “Avant-goth” and it can’t get more epic than that, so I’m keeping the label.

I genuinely believe in living life full of happiness, and love. The Scorpio in me drives my passion for the things and people I love. In my life, I’ve had a hard time finding love for myself, and the people around me. After a life changing incident, I’ve now decided that life is only worth living; if one’s life is full of love and happiness.

That’s brings me to why I started this blog; to bring love and happiness to the masses. It’s a big challenge, but hopefully given time I can and will achieve it! Through the two things I know best, art and inspiration! Check out my “About Theryn” page for even more. ❤

This is day 1 of my 31 day challenge, stay tuned in daily for more!! Challenge CreditDSC_0309.JPG


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