Twenty Questions (Updated)

Sometimes life really just doesn’t want to work out well. Like when you stay up till 2am to finish a post because you really want to do a daily challenge, even though you need to be up at 7:30 for a funeral, then find out all that you wrote never got saved.

It’s disappointing, and frustrating, but what are you going to do? You can’t just sit in your puddle and pout, you gotta get up, and get it done. (and maybe save it someone else next time too!) So here is my new, rewritten list of twenty facts about me. (Also a special thanks to Morgan for letting my know my page was empty.)

Without further adieu… Twenty Facts about me:

  1. I always figure if you don’t catch one mistake in everything you do, you’ll find it later
  2. I have a black cat whom I love dearly named Jack; after Captain Jack Sparrow.
  3. I love baking from scratch.
  4. My favorite planet is Pluto, and I’m very happy its a planet again.
  5. I don’t need caffeine in the morning, I drink coffee on occasion, and tea almost daily.
  6. Black is my favorite color, followed up by teal, burgundy, and mossy green.
  7. When I get overstressed I like to go on walks, especially in the woods.
  8. I love video games, mainly PC and Xbox.
  9. My favorite animals are foxes and wolves.
  10. But, my favorite mythical animal is a dragon!
  11. I almost never wear matching socks.
  12. I’ve done almost every art form there is. From drawing, to clay, to acting, to crochet.
  13. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love dressing up.
  14. I have a wicked sweet tooth, especially for sour/tart candy.
  15. I always have a sharpie on me.
  16. I get excited when things come in multiple colors, but I tend to pick black anyways.
  17. I’m a massive Harry Potter fan.
  18. I have two best friends, and sadly both live far away.
  19. Music fuels my soul.
  20. I absolutely love baking from scratch! So make sure to check out my epic cookie recipe I’m posting on the 21st!

This is day 2 of my 31 day challenge, stay tuned in daily for more!!

And don’t forget to always save your work.


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