What’s in a Name?


I came up with Twysted Compass a few years ago. I see it this way, if you want to travel, if you want to see; you need a compass. Yea, we’ve all got GPS and easy navigation, but at its core that’s all still a compass, it shows us where to go. Without a compass we could still explore, but how would we ever find our way to what we’re seeking? How would we find the way back home?

I and my blog are not the end game for you, this isn’t home yet. Merely a stop on your greater path. You only need a compass when you have somewhere still to go. I believe we all still have far to go in our lives, and I think that’s wonderful. So much left to see, to enjoy, and to feel.

The Twysted comes from my doodle style, all twists and turns. I’m ready for every, and all chance to branch out; be a little weird. So I replaced the “I” with “y” because I liked how it looked. In life when something is twisted, it’s different, it’s altered; or, it’s two different things, twisting to become one. Take something and make it your own, feel free to twist the idea around and see what happens.

So my Twysted Compass, my altered path, because when it comes time for magic, a regular compass simply won’t do. Put fear aside, smell the roses. Actually smell all the little wildflowers too! Why not; right? What’s stopping you?

What are you afraid of?

❤ Theryn

This is day 3 of my 31 day challenge, stay tuned in daily for more!! Challenge Credit



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