Painting The Rocks Purple

Day four of my 31 day challenge is my earliest childhood memory. I have a few memories of being really little, I can’t remember my actual ages though. I remember when my baby brother was born, I was almost 4. I also remember thinking how tall I would be when I finally turned 7!! (It was akin to 6′ tall. No idea what made me think that.)

In most of my early memories though, I’m doing art. I used to take that old printer paper that was all attached, with the little holes on the sides and just draw. Page after page would evolve; my technicolor swirly spirals and faces. Occasionally portraits of my cats. I would sit in my room, or in front of the TV and just draw and create for hours. It’s something I hope passes down to my future kids.

If I was lucky… I got paint! Only the very washable kind though, as I was prone to coloring everything in sight. This picture is from one of those days, it was warm outside. I took my watercolors out to the back deck. I started on the paper, like a good kid, but I couldn’t stop. The art flowed through me, I searched for anything I wouldn’t get in trouble painting.

Though, if memory serves right, the deck may have acquired a bit of lavender in a secret spot the adults wouldn’t know. I was very proud of my painting, and extremely excited to paint this rock, poor little me, never knew it would eventually wash off. I cherished that rock, put it in a special spot outside so I could gaze upon it whenever I ventured out. All it took was one good rainstorm, and my art was gone forever.

That desire, to decorate the world around me never left. I’m eternally grateful for that. I fill my life with art, and color, shapes and sounds. All thanks to young little me, never stopping, never quitting when the paper ran out.

And of course to my mum, who supplied me with endless art supplies, and even more enthusiasm. At least, as long as I wasn’t coloring the back of the couch orange; but that’s a story for another day.

This is day 4 of my 31 day challenge, stay tuned in daily for more!!


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