What I’d Eat Everyday

This one is fun, todays question is my top ten favorite foods! I can be a little picky when it comes to food, because I’m a weirdo who doesn’t like garlic. I also wont eat meat unless it’s been prepared very specific ways, so I hardly eat meat. Except of course….

  1. Bacon. I love bacon, I eat a mainly pescatarian diet, and bacon. It’s good on everything. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and deserts! There’s no stopping it.
  2. Chocolate. Not chocolate flavored things, actual chocolate, I love it on everything, even bacon. I like it in ice cream, I just don’t like chocolate ice cream. Yea, I’m a little weird, it’s ok.
  3. Apples. Straight off the tree, flavoring, pies, cider, hard cider. In my eyes apples do no wrong. I love them, but granny smith and SweeTango are my favorites!
  4. Pizza. I like to experiment, my latest was an “Italian” pizza with pickles, so good. The waiter was a little confused, but then was threatening to steal a piece when he saw it!
  5. Tacos. I like to make them myself, I use ground turkey in mine, but have been known to eat ground beef tacos, I guess the taste of the delicious taco overcomes my dislike of the meat. I like to rebel and put my cheese under the meat and beans so it gets all melty. I also always top it with hot sauce!
  6. Asian noodles. Pretty much all Asian noodles are good in my book, as long as they aren’t too garlicy. From pho, to ramen, lo mein, and pad thai. I used to just get it from local Chinese food places, but started delving into non “Americanized” places. I also learned how to cook a few recipes. My lo mein is pretty epic.
  7. Chex Mix. I’m a big fan of trail mixes, but I have a special spot in my heart for Chex Mix. I love all the salty crunchiness. Especially the rye chips.
  8. Fruit juices and smoothies. I love how refreshing a fruity smoothie is, not to mention it makes me feel a little better about my life choices. It’s not the epitome of healthy, but it’s better for me than waffles.
  9. Waffles. Not the healthiest, but so tasty. I love them traditionally, or with strawberries.
  10. Potatoes. How could I forget potatoes, they are great as everything. Hash browns, french fries, mashed, oven-roasted, in soup, or chowder. So tasty, I could eat one raw; actually no probably not. But cook those babies up, and I’m a happy lass.

Hope this didn’t make you too hungry! If it did, check out my cookie recipe; Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is day 7 of my 31 day challenge, stay tuned in daily for more!!



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