What’s in My Bag?

So, I don’t actually carry a purse. I have multiple bags that I switch between depending on where I’m going. One of my bag’s has notebooks and fun pens, it’s great when I’m going someone and will need something to do to pass time, and every time I go the pottery studio, cause it has my brushes in it.

Basically I have a nifty wallet that I made, I just hook my keys on it and throw it into whatever bag I’m bringing on that day. Occasionally I just take it without a bag.

It’s a cute little checkered wallet I sewed, the skull inside glows in the dark! Inside it is my random horde of gift-cards and membership cards. I also have a small flower pressed between a card, I caught it from a bird. It was an exciting thing to happen. I saw the bird over head over a doorway and stopped under it when I notice it was holding a flower in its beak. I called my friend over to see it, and as I was pointing up to it, the bird dropped its flower into my hand. Magic.

But yea, this is my cool wallet/bag thing. It fits everything I need, even my phone!


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